Misbits - Set Dressing and VFX

Here you can see the shader I did for the animated dance floor as well as the overall lighting setup + mood and feel for the scene during gameplay

A protection effect for the area in the shared multiplayer HUB thats reserved for the MainMenu

A little shader and Blueprint work to give the lasers are more polished look.

A short video where you can see the waterfall and the lasers

A rework I did of the shockwave VFX of the CareBear character

Misbits is a fast paced multiplayer game where you can roll around as a head of your choosing and attach yourself to various bodies (where you can mix and match) in a multitude of game modes, like Deathmatch, Kickbrawl or Toyhunter.

The first two shots are about the main menu of the game where I was responsible for the set dressing, staging and lighting for the MainMenu as well as the sub-menu stages when you for example go through the locker and swap you character or equipment.
It was a lot of fun iterating on the scene and testing various approaches, visual direction and feedback were given by
Alex Matousek - https://www.artstation.com/alex13m86
Dominik Gröstlinger - https://www.artstation.com/dominikg

The other two scenes were a DJ-Music and Olympia event we added as temporary events to the game where I was also responsible for Set Dressing, Lighting and Staging as well as some shader and Blueprint work for the DJ-Music scene.

The last posts are showing some of the VFX work I did throughout the project, I either created them from scratch or worked with pre-existing textures and/or materials to create the wanted effect.
I did a protection sphere effect for the MainMenu, since the area existed physically in a multiplayer hub we needed to make sure other players cant enter "your" MainMenu area.
- updated and edited the main shockwave skill from the CareBear character
- adjusted and edited the explosion effect of the grenade
- updated the lasers in one of the community maps and added a stylized waterfall to it

January 10, 2023